Otso is a media artist, maker and designer from Helsinki working with experimental media, sounds, visuals, DIY instruments and software. His works range from interactive installations to educational workshops exploring creative and expressive possibilities of both new and obsolete technologies. He enjoys creating sounds, building his own tools and instruments, circuit bending and sharing his work with others. Student at Aalto Media Lab, co-founder at Mehackit, designer at Columbia Road.

Max Magger on Soundcloud.

March, 2019
January, 2019
Moriz Melodi Music Videos
September, 2018
Kädellinen performance by Sofia Smeds
September, 2018
August, 2018
Isäni on sähkömies
April, 2018
Artist Residency at the I.S.R.O
December, 2017
AR Poster
December, 2017
Music Machine Arduino Shield
December, 2017
Nature of Man
November, 2017
Stereo Painting
October, 2017
Population globe
June, 2017
April, 2017
Macumbista Benjolins
March, 2017
Liquid projections
January, 2017
December, 2016
A Polargraph Build
December, 2016
Axoloti Drum Synth
December, 2016
Trash Music Workshop at Helsinki Decompression
November, 2016
Euclidean Groove Box
November, 2016
Sonification of Marine Research Data
October, 2016
Disc Golf Game
September, 2016
G40, F84, F20, F10 and F44.9
March, 2016
Sharing the Scraps